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In 1942, the first church meetings, at what is now known to the community as Oakview Church of God, were held in brush arbors.  Brush arbors were constructed of rough poles cut from small trees and branches.  These branches and limbs were placed on top of a makeshift frame to form shelter from the elements, such as sun and rain.  It was only befitting that these spiritual gatherings became known as "Brush Arbor" meetings.  The brush arbor meetings only took place in the summer or warm months because of the limited shelter.  During the colder months, the people assembled in member's homes or any place that was warm enough to draw those who would like to hear the gospel.

In July of 1942, G.L. Herring, a local farmer and preacher, expressed the community's desire, as well as his own, to establish a church to service the small community of farm folk and share croppers that lived in the area.

Through many prayers and hard work, the first church was established on the hill just to the east of the present building.  Many souls were saved in the brush arbor meetings and the people of the community began to see the need for a church building.  As a gift of love, Sister Joiner donated an acre of land to build a church building.

Plans were set in motion to start the construction of a church at Oakview, but due to unforeseen circumstances, In August 1942, the construction of the new church had to be put on hold.

In 1946 a tent was errected on the land which had been given by Sister Joiner.  Brother Wallace and Brother Harmon Herring took an old pick up truck and approximately $25.00 given by the Christians in the small community and set off for Thomasville, Georgia to purchase this tent from another church.

The tent was erected south of the crossroads so that construction could begin on the new building to house the members of the growing Oakview Church.  The tent was only 25' x 35' and could not hold everyone that attended services.

Revivalist Hayes Long and Willie Sam Hall ministered to the community.  People would stand outside of the tent to hear the music from the guitars, the choir, and the message.

The church was officially organized as a Church of God, with State Offices in Tifton, Georgia and  General Headquarter in Cleveland, Tennessee on August 14, 1947 by District Pastor A.W. Hall and the state office.   There were 9 charter members:  Mamie Herring Hughes, Harmon Herring, Lena Herring, Wallace Herring, Ola Herring, Vera Hicks, Mattie Avant, Johnny Odom, and Gertrude Odom.

The first revival in the church was held in September 1947.  The people congregated to the small tent to hear Brother Ira Hand preach.  Many people were lead to the Lord.  After the first revivals, there were 48 new members added to the church.

Late in the year of 1947, construction began on a church building for Oakview Church of God.  The foundation was dug and blocks were laid.  In the spring of 1948, the sheeting was placed on the roof of the new church building.  In the summer of 1948, the construction of the church was completed.  The completed church building was given the name Oakview for the large numerous oak trees which spanned the property.    There are only a few of those large oaks standing today, but the name Oakview is known far and wide and respectfully talked of as a good, loving church that has always opened it's doors and it's arms to the community.

Oakview Church of God
"I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord"
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